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4 Tips for Writing an Essay in College

College can get hectic sometimes, especially when it comes to essays. Your instructor will always give you a review on your work, and sometimes they might give you points to improve your writing skills. Therefore, you need to be prepared because you will have to write an essay at some point. Different papers come with different instructions. Even so, when giving the same piece, always ensure you understand what is expected. Here are some tips to help you craft your essay with ease.

  1. Come up with a topic

Before writing your essay, you need to understand what you are writing. Go through the instructions carefully. Find out the questions that you need to answer. Then come up with a thesis statement. It is the main statement that will guide your writing. Find out what other people have to say about it to ensure it is reliable.

  1. Research your topic

After coming up with a theme for your essay, it is time to research. You can start from the topics that you already know. While doing your research, don’t just pick a general one. Know what other writers have done on the topic. If it is inspiring, you will be able to approach it with the same enthusiasm. After you have collected enough information, ensure that you make an outline to organize your essay.

  1. Order your points

After collecting points, make an order of them in order of importance and strength. You can organize your points to make a clear structure of your essay. A point should be first to appear in your introduction. For example, if your introduction is unique, you could put the word spread across the entire section. Ensure that you leave the first point for the last one to appear.  

  1. Edit your paper

After you are done with the writing process, it is time to proofread your work. Sometimes we get distracted because of the same topic. It is the reason why you need to edit your paper when you are done with it. Get a fresh pair of eyes to go through your paper. You can use an online tool to ensure you edit your document on the same document.


  1. Practice

It would help if you practiced your writing skills before writing the essay. You might get a hard time covering your paper. Make sure you do some editing without getting lost in the flow.  

You should never start writing when you are tired. You could use some time to write your essay because you cannot get your thoughts in order. Sometimes doing this will enable you to save enough time to edit your piece. Get some free time to go through your work to pick out the mistakes. It is always good to come up with a topic you are comfortable with. With that in mind, you will find it easy to proceed with your writing.