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About Us

Agriex is committed to supplying quality products to its customers. Excellent working relationships with reputable suppliers, packers, processors and logistics providers give us confidence in being able to supply quality products according to our customers’ requirements. Testing laboratories and 3rd party independent inspection assure storage and quality standards of products are maintained. Reputable surveyors and representatives are engaged to ensure all exports meet GTA (Grain Trade Australia) quality standards.

Agriex has an established network of packers and transport providers using trucks and rail services connecting all major Australian ports. We have sound relationships with all major shipping lines facilitating smooth execution. Agriex can supply and offer agricultural products to buyers in the form of bulk shipment, DCT (Direct Container Terminal) bulk in shipping containers, machine dressed in bags in containers.

Agriex exports and distribute products through its offices in Singapore, India and UAE. Our products are marketed to established international and domestic businesses. We have committed staff who are experienced in all aspects of marketing and logistics. Agriex are dedicated to our buyers worldwide with our ethical and professional approach to honouring our commitment and providing excellent service.


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